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Things To Do In Alanya

Things To Do In Alanya

Before starting your holiday adventure, you can first research Things To Do In Alanya to plan. Whether you are coming to Alanya for the first time; whether you have been before but want to have brand new experiences and see brand new places. There are activities in Alanya that will appeal to tourists of all ages and from all walks of life. By examining the cultural and historical centers on our list, you can create a special holiday and a tour program with plenty of activities.

Nowadays, it is preferable to have a more exciting and brand new adventure outside of the comfort zone, rather than the idea of ​​sleeping and sunbathing calmly in order to have a good rest on holiday. Accordingly, there are many exciting activities and extreme sports options you can try in Alanya.

One of the popular activities that you should definitely try is tandem paragliding. Contrary to prejudices and fears, this flight does not have any risk; Accompanied by a professional pilot, you are gliding towards Cleopatra Beach from the chosen take-off point. In this activity, which does not require any skills or experience, all you have to do is; You will enjoy the magnificent view of the Mediterranean from above.

Top 10 Things To Do In 2022

Visiting Seljuk Shipyard (Tersane), Harbor And (Red Tower) Kızıl Kule, that surround the peninsula and historical city center

  • Cable Car to the Alanya Castle
  • Damlataş Cave
  • Dim Cave and Dimçayı
  • Cleopatra and Damlataş Beach
  • Alanya Archaeological Museum
  • Pirate Boat Tour
  • Visit Alara Han and Castle
  • Nightlife at the Harbor
  • Visit & Shop at the touristical local bazaar

    When we look at Things To Do In Alanya, we can see that there are events that will appeal to many different holiday understandings. We recommend that you try the Paragliding experience, which we can include at Cleopatra Beach, among these activities, few of which we can fit into the list. You can contact King Paragliding Alanya at any time for more information about this tandem flight experience, which will be affected by gliding from the sky as well as being on it below, for paragliding prices and reservation.

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