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How Much Does It Cost To Paraglide In Turkey

How Much Does It Cost To Paraglide In Turkey

In Alanya, where you can fly in the southern region of Turkey at a more affordable price compared to other regions; King Paragliding Alanya is one of the most preferred companies in paragliding. Thanks to its many years of experience and expertise, our team ensures that you have an extremely safe and enjoyable flight experience; license consists of our pilots and guides who are fluent in many languages.
All of our pilots are professional and friendly, holding the FAI (International Aviation Federation) approved T2 Tandem license issued by the Turkish Aeronautical Association. Our company, which gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction and safety, offers many special opportunities as well as a unique flight experience in King Paragliding.

During your entire flight process, your private health insurance is provided to you, including paragliding prices. In addition, with our free transfer service that we offer you; We pick you up from your location in Alanya and bring you to our office and then to the starting point of the flight. When you search for the question How Much Does It Cost To Paraglide In Turkey, you can only find these opportunities at the most affordable prices in King Paragliding Alanya.

Turkey Paragliding Alanya

In addition to many free opportunities offered to you in our company King Paragliding Alanya, where you can experience a unique flight experience at extremely affordable prices, there are also photo and video shoots that you can provide. During the flight, our pilots will immortalize your unforgettable moments with professional action cameras. You can purchase your photos and videos from our office if you wish.

When you search for How Much Does It Cost To Paraglide In Turkey, you may come across King Paragliding Alanya for low cost paragliding. Our company offers two different departure areas for your preference. Firstly, the flight starts from Hıdırellez Tepesi, at an altitude of 380 m, and ends with a landing at Cleopatra Beach. Depending on the weather conditions, the flight time is approximately 8-12 minutes.

As the second option, our paragliding experience, which starts at 700 m altitude Yassı Tepe and ends with a descent to Cleopatra Beach, takes approximately 15-25 minutes depending on the weather conditions. You can contact us immediately to get detailed information or to make a reservation for paragliding prices for 2022, which will vary according to the departure point you have chosen, namely the flight duration.

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