If you want to do paragliding in Antalya.

Tandem Paragliding is one of the best and exciting activities to do when you visit Alanya region of Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean in the summer season. In Alanya, located on the southern coast of Turkey, you can experience a unique flight experience with the unique landscape where blue and green meet.
When you want to experience a different excitement on your Antalya vacation, you can try Alanya paragliding. If you have not tried paragliding before, you can contact us by reviewing our website or directly via our phone number. You can find the best paragliding prices and many opportunities included in the flight experience at King Paragliding, the most reliable address of Tandem Flight.

Tandem Paragliding is a great activity for those looking for novelty and excitement. It is one of the most exciting and safe sports. Because using your own body to fly in the sky with a professional pilot is a freedom that many people cannot even imagine.

It is a sport that requires a lot of skill, commitment, practice and post-training licenses. So, to enjoy it, you must entrust yourself to safe and professional hands. Our expert and licensed trainers within our company will be at your service with the experience they have gained over a long time.

Alanya Parachute Prices 2023

The best answer to the question “Where to do Paragliding in Antalya?” is definitely King Paragliding Alanya. After doing a detailed research on our site; you can create an affordable online reservation for 2022. After taking flight from two different take-off points depending on your preference with a unique view of nature in Alanya, our landing point is the world famous Cleopatra Beach. This unique experience that ends with landing on Cleopatra’s sandy, white dazzling beach is the best answer to the question of where to do paragliding in Antalya.

After getting answers to general questions such as “How much are parachute prices?”, you can definitely choose our company King Paragliding Alanya for your first experience.

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