What Time Should Paragliding Be Done? The question is a very curious issue for those who will experience Paragliding for the first time.

Paragliding, which is carried out depending on weather conditions, is mostly planned according to the speed and direction of the wind. Our licensed pilots, who fly an average of 6-7 times a day, offer you a safe and enjoyable flight experience.
During the take-off phase, you will be equipped with a helmet and seat belt by our instructors. After all preliminary preparations and weather conditions are checked by our professional and experienced pilots; the flight starts.
We recommend sturdy shoes and, depending on the season, a jacket for our customers who will experience the flight. Although temperatures are different at higher altitudes, it can be cooler no matter what time it is.

Although paragliding is generally preferred between spring and fall, in clear and rain-free weather, what time should paragliding be done? There is no definitive and correct answer to the question.
Our flights, which we perform an average of 6-7 times a day, are determined according to the rate of the wind. For example, you may think that paragliding is not practiced in winter. On the contrary, the cold weather does not affect the paragliding flight. Only if the weather is rainy or with strong winds (over 30 km/h), we wait for the rain to stop and the wind to decrease and continue our flights.

Paragliding Places

Especially sunset flights, which are more in demand, are frequently preferred because they are the hours when the wind is at its lowest and the most beautiful scenery emerges. Our paragliding flights where we land on the world-famous Alanya Cleopatra Beach where blue and green meet; Alanya Paragliding is often preferred for its unique sunset view.
You can have a unique flight experience by choosing and booking our flights in the time zone that suits you best.

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