How Much TL for Paragliding in Alanya?

Alanya paragliding prices are one of the most curious topics as we enter the summer months this year. In fact, when determining paragliding prices; first of all, the special services included in this activity are taken into consideration. King Paraglinding is among our services that we include free of charge in addition to the unique flight experience in Alanya;

⦁ Pick-up/drop-off by private vehicles from hotels, apartments and points where you are located in Alanya region of Antalya (Transfer Service)
⦁ Our instructors and pilots specially certified by the International Aviation Federation and our knowledgeable multilingual guides who are experts in their field
⦁ Private health insurance
⦁ A flight of approximately 20 minutes starting from the departure area of your choice
⦁ Services and facilities such as highly reliable and high-quality equipment that is regularly maintained.

Depending on your preference and for an additional fee, you can obtain photos and videos of your most beautiful moments taken during the flight from our offices. How Much TL for Paragliding in Alanya? you can get the answer to this question at the most affordable prices and experience this unique experience with King Paragliding Alanya.

How Much is Alanya Paragliding?

“How much does paragliding cost?” and “How much are the parachute prices? ” are among the most curious and researched questions, especially when the holiday season opens in the summer months.
Our company King Paragliding in Alanya; We offer you a breathtaking tandem paragliding experience with our professionally trained and officially certified pilots by FAI (International Aviation Federation). Up to 1,000 m high you can enjoy beautiful views of Alanya, the turquoise-blue sea and Alanya Castle. You can experience a safe and comfortable flight experience in exciting flight maneuvers at the most affordable prices. Our company, which provides 100% customer satisfaction by fully meeting your wishes and expectations; It offers the control of the paraglider for a short time to extreme sports lovers with courage.

With King Paragliding Alanya, which offers you affordable and at the same time many opportunities for those who will try it for the first time and those who want to experience this passion over and over again; How Many TL for Alanya Paragliding? You can contact at any time for answers to questions such as.

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