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Best Things To Do In Alanya

Best Things To Do In Alanya

Among the best things to do in Alanya; the activities that can appeal to many different people. Alanya, which is mostly preferred for sea, sand and sun holidays; It is connected to the province of Antalya, Turkey’s most popular holiday region. Alanya, which is the most preferred tourism destination in the Mediterranean region, is highly developed; It attracts the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Alanya, which attracts a lot of attention in terms of both cultural tourism and holiday; It has the opportunity to offer its guests a different and full holiday program. Alanya, one of the prominent regions of the Mediterranean region;
⦁ Cleopatra Beach
⦁ Alanya Castle
⦁ Damlataş Cave
⦁ Dim Cave
⦁ Alanya Aquapark
⦁ Kızılkule (Red Tower) and Marina
⦁ Alanya Cable Car
⦁ Like Alanya Archeology Museum, it has many options to see and experience in terms of art, culture, history and beaches.

Alanya Daily Activities 2022

Alanya, which is especially known for its beaches and the beauty of its sea; It has the world famous Cleopatra Beach. The shimmering beaches of white sand along the coast in and around the town itself; attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. The holiday season, which lasts mostly from April to October; It welcomes its guests from all over the world, especially European tourists.
Alanya district, which allows you to do many extreme sports with its unique view where blue and green meet; offers you the opportunity to add a brand new experience and excitement to your comfortable and enjoyable holiday.

To watch the world-famous Cleopatra Beach from the sky and to experience a free but safe flight; Our advice to adventure lovers is paragliding, which is among the best things to do in Alanya; When you come to Alanya, don’t forget to try King Paragliding Alanya.

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