Alanya Paragliding

King Paragliding Alanya

Alanya Paragliding

Alanya Paragliding

Are you ready to be as free as the birds?

Start enjoying the magnificent panorama of the Alanya coast accompanied by blue and green. Enjoy the breath of this unique Mediterranean air and the view of Alanya. Alanya castle, the Cleopatra plan; the Mediterranean with all its historical and natural beauties are right under you…. This unique landscape invites you to adrenaline and passion. If you are a thrill seeker; we definitely recommend you to try paragliding in the skies of Alanya. In this unique experience, Alanya King Paragliding family and Professional pilots will fully assist you and you will feel safe.

We strongly recommend that you share your feelings with your family, spouse and best friend whose dreams are to fly, and participate in this adventure and adrenaline-filled activity where they can enjoy the freedom. After briefing and preparing before the flight, take a few steps with a professional instructor or hurry up to experience this unique experience that starts with the view of Alanya; which starts at the same time; and ends with a landing at the world-famous Cleopatra Beach.  At Cleopatra Beach, you will fly paragliding over the city, castle, mountains, coastline and land.

You’ve never seen the Mediterranean like this.

Flights take 8-12 minutes from the 380 meter departure area and 15-25 minutes from the 700 meter departure area.

During the flight; our pilots will immortalize your unforgettable moments with professional action cameras. You can purchase your photos and videos from our office if you wish.

All you have to do is follow the precise instructions of an experienced instructor. All of our pilots have the FAI approved T2 Tandem license issued by Thk.

We give you the opportunity to make your dreams come true; come and immerse yourself in the skies of Alanya. How would you like to touch the sky with us?

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